RimeCol Plus®

Rimecol Plus® by GP Pharma is a food supplement formula useful for a better control of cholesterol levels, as well as a reduction of triglycerides.



30 TABLETS . Each tablets of 1300 mg contains: Policosanols Berbetine, Fermented Red Rice, Folic Acid, Astaxanthin,  Coenzyme Q10

Policosanols 10 mg

Are natural substances that promote the entry of LDL cholesterol into cells and the subsequent demolition with energy production for the cell itself. As a consequence, cholesterol levels in the blood decrease. In addition policosanols have an antioxidant effect.

Berberine  400 mg

Is an alkaloid present in several plants, which contributes to the reduction of bad cholesterol and another type of fats, triglycerides, and has an antimicrobial action.

Fermented red rice 333,33 mg Monacolin K 10 mg

Promotes the action of enzymes responsible for lowering cholesterol, leading to a reduction in LDL cholesterol. At the same time, it helps the production of HDL cholesterol.

Folic Acid 0,20 mg % RDA 100

Contributes to normal amino acid synthesis, normal blood formation, and normal metabolism of homocysteine and to reduce cardiovascular risk.

Astaxanthin2,5 % 20 mg and Coenzyme Q10 50 mg

Have an antioxidant action and protect cellular structures from free radicals.


We recommend taking one tablet at night during or after a meal.


Store at temperatures below 25° C, away from direct sources of heat and moisture, keep away from the sunlight. Do not disperse in the environment after use. Expiration date refers to product properly stored in unopened packaging. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, except on medical advice. Dietary Supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied and well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not take during pregnancy.

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